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Employment Law Advocacy - Employment Law matters with resolution focused solutions

We assist employees, employers and employment lawyers with dedicated pages of information for Employees and Employers. Our first consultation is free so you can call us for a chat on our free 0800 number, 0800 HELP ME (0800 435 763) or email danny.gelb@employmentlaw.net.nz  about your situation without the fear that this conversation will utilise your hard earned savings for this initial chat.

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If something has just happened to you at work and you need immediate assistance call us 24/7 for free now, even from your mobile phone, on 0800 HELP ME (0800 435 763).  You can call us any time after normal hours, on the weekends and during public holidays. Should we be unavailable due to being in a mediation, an Employment Relations Authority hearing, meeting with an employment lawyer or after hours then leave a quick message and we will call you back at my next available opportunity which will be either during my next break or as soon as we get your message once business hours resume. Should you prefer to txt me then send your txt to 021 77 1919. Unless your physical safety is in danger then it is best to get advice before responding to any situation. Many employees and employers are initially right in what they have done or what has happened, however they have let themselves down by responding with a communication that has either very much reduced the strength of their case, or has dug themselves a hole that they now will have difficulty climbing out of.


Please be mindful that even though your call might be after hours we may not be able to get back to you straight away, but at the latest we will answer messages on the next business day or earlier if time permits.



Answers to common employment law problems can be found on our FAQ page. If your question is not listed here, then ask me directly and I will answer for free.


Track Record

In the past seven years to the end of January 2017, I have personally concluded 819 disputes of which 777 resulted in the parties successfully resolving consequentially. This is a success rate of 94.9%. I have also had 29 determinations from the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) of which I have won 22/26 representing employees and 1/3 representing the employer), and one matter before the Employment Court representing an employee that I also won.


What we Do

I help both employees and employers in resolving employment problems either directly, or via the other side's employment lawyer or employment advocate, at Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment Mediation, at the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court. My site is divided into two separate areas, one for employers and the other for employees. One of my points of difference from other employment specialists and employment lawyers is that I am resolution focused and I pride myself in being able to view a dispute from both sides. By helping the people I work with do this helps resolve the situation in a pragmatic manner without anyone spending a fortune in legal or representation fees. I am able to do this with my mediation background. I have another site dedicated to this, mediate.co.nz. Once you have viewed the material of interest to you I would recommend that you then explore what I have to say on the other half of my site. I.E employees take a read of the employer information and employers take a read of the employee information.


How We Help

Virtually all employment situations can be resolved consensually with the likes of myself or any other advocate or employment lawyer, provided both sides are prepared to be pragmatic, fair, reasonable and are able to communicate effectively. Save yourself fees and try to communicate with each other first. If you do nothing then I can guarantee you at least one outcome. That outcome is Nothing! Try communicating with the other side first. If that does not work or you feel uncomfortable in doing so then by all means contact me on 0800 HELP ME (0800 435 763) or fill in the quick confidential contact form to the right or via email danny.gelb@employmentlaw.net.nz

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"Danny thanks for all your help over the last few months in dealing with my wrongful dismissal. I believe you went way beyond what would or should have been expected"

"Dear Danny, Many thanks for all the super work you did on my behalf. You were the person I could trust when I needed help the most. Regards Sophia"

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