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Thank you reviews Prize Draw


We like to thank those that support us, with thank you reviews on our various public websites, with monthly prize draws.


The sites that you can find, read and write these reviews are:


Google Places Page


TradeMe Services




Monthly Prize Draw 1.  $100.00

Randomly picked from the reviews posted during that month. If you write a review and post it on:

One of the above sites you have one chance of winning.

Two of the above sites you get three chances of winning.

All three of the above sites you get six chances of winning.


Monthly Prize Draw 2.  $100.00

Picked by the Employment Law Advocacy team for the review that, in our opinion, is most worthy of the second $100.00.


To be eligible to enter the monthly prize draw, you must have received some advice from us in the past and have emailed us once you have posted your reviews. Prize draw happen in the first few days of each month for the reviews posted from the prior month, provided at least eight reviews are posted for the prior month.  Should a draw not happen in a month, then all the entries are included in the following months draw.


Recent Employment Law Advocacy Reviews Writers Winners

  1. John
  2. David
  3. Manuel
  4. Rochell
  5. Minikids
  6. John
  7. Daniel
  8. Alyssa
  9. Nicole
  10. Dani

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