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Mediation Representation


This is one of the few areas of employment law in which the same advice can be given to both employees and employers. Mediation is nothing more than a facilitated, or chaired, negotiation. That is, two parties in a room with a neutral third person to help them both come to a consensual conclusion or resolution.


So, why then, does either side need representation, you might ask? Lets park that thought for a moment.


Now, take a read of my MBIE Negotiation page. Having taken a read of that, you can ask yourself, do you have sound employment law knowledge and a good grasp of what the Employment Relations Authority is likely to award if you are right or wrong?


If you can answer yes to the above question, then you do not need representation. However, the mere fact that you are surfing the web now for information tends to suggest that, not taking representation to a mediation, would most likely be false economy.


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