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Employment Agreement Drafting

Employment Contract Drafting


Many employment agreements we see are out of date, refer to old legislation and have no valid 90 day trial period clauses within them.  It is unfortunate that these issue don't usually come to light until there is a problem and it is too late to fix the issue on a consensual way. 


Many employers also miss some of the basic necessities needed these days that addresses the following areas within employment agreements, such as: -


  • 90 day trial period clauses
  • Drug and alcohol provisions
  • Email and internet rules
  • Health and safety guidelines
  • Restraint of trade restrictions
  • Non solicitation protection
  • Privacy and confidentiality obligations
  • Job description and expectations


We can draft for you a compliant set of employment agreements for either waged or salary employees, plus give you the email template and instructions so that the 90 day trial period is set up correctly for you to use over and over again for as many employees as you like. 


The package includes: -

  • "Word" template document with highlighted sections for you to change to customise for each employee.
  • Email template with highlighted sections for you to change to customise for each employee.
  • Step by step process of how to set up so that the chances of having a 90 day trial period ruled invalid are reduced.


Fee:  All the above for a one off fee of $995 plus GST.


For more information about this please contact us on 0800 HELP ME (0800 435 763) or 021 77 1919.  Alternately you can drop us an email to  or simply fill in the quick confidential contact form on this page.


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