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Employment Law For Employers

If something has just happened with one of your staff and you need immediate assistance, call us now 24/7, for free (even from your mobile phone), on 0800 HELP ME (0800 4357 63). Our first consultation is free, subject to our T's & C's. Should I be unavailable due to being in a mediation or an Employment Relations Authority hearing, then leave a quick message with my secretary and I will call you back at my next available opportunity. This will be either during my next break or as soon as I get your message. Should you prefer to text me, then send your text to 021 77 1919.

The first piece of advice we give to all employers is that, once they realise they have a problem with an employee, they need to get advice as to how the situation can be best handled. Most employers that face employment problems (which can cost tens of thousands) try to handle the situation alone, not realising that the employee they are dealing with is getting advice behind the scenes on how to feed the employer enough rope to hang themselves with.

According to the figures that the EMA publish, the average cost for an employer, if they lose an employment case, is approximately $35,000. The bad news is that, even if you are right and you win against the employee, it will still cost you in dollars, approximately $10,000.

These figures do not take into account the value of your lost time in dealing with the dispute and the lost productivity within your business as a result.

We mainly help employers with difficult issues such as:

  • Requiring advice on the legal implications for what they propose to do
  • Needing assistance in restoring harmony within the workplace
  • Defending personal grievance actions
  • Managing the restructure and / or redundancy process
  • Private negotiations in relation to employment problems
  • Representation at Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) mediations
  • Representation at Employment Relations Authority investigative meetings

Read references from employers that have used our services:

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Reference  Their Website
Southpac Trucks Limited  www.spt.co.nz
Project Manager Online Limited  www.projectmanager.com
Kam Models & Talent  www.kamtalent.com

New Zealand has very strong employment law legislation. This employment law is unique to our country and many international organisations and companies struggle with it. The last set of legislative changes, that came into effect in 2014, helped swing the employment law pendulum back towards the employer. However, the consensus is that the current legislation still favours the employee. The predominant pieces of legislation regarding our employment law are:

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The Employment Relations Act 2000

Holidays Act 2003

Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987

Minimum Wage Act 1983

Wages Protection Act 1983

You may find information on your specific employment issues on our Employment Law FAQ page.

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