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Employee Employment Agreement Review


So, you have been offered a new job and your employer has provided you with an intended employment agreement. 


Is the agreement fair?


Does it contain anything unusual?


Does it contain anything that could be nasty?


What are your obligations after you leave this job?


Does it contain any mistakes that could be to your advantage?


Unless you have expertise in this area, you will most probably be flying blind.  We can review your intended agreement and give you a written report that includes comments on: 


Any terms you are particularly concerned with or don't understand.


Any unusual terms that it contains.


Any onerous or nasty clauses that are in the document.


Our fixed fee for completing this is $595 GST Incl, provided that it is a regular employment agreement that is about 12 or so pages in size.


To get the process moving from here, send us a soft copy of your intended employment agreement and details of any terms that you are concerned with, to

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