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Employment Disputes Resolved With Early Intervention

Unfortunately most employment disputes are not addressed quickly enough are a left to fester until drastic action or intervention is […]

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Am I Entitled To Holidays

This question is a regular subject for calls, especially round the latter part of December each year. The simple answer […]

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Employment Law FAQ

Before you scan down this list it might be easier to use the search box top right of your screen! […]

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COVID-19 Corona Virus

Last Updated 16 March 2020 9:51 AM Currently the law is untested on this issue. What we're trying to do […]

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Minimum Wage Is Now $20 Per Hour From 1 April 2021

Some will love it others will loathe it, but the minimum wage is increasing and is intended to increase even […]

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Authority - Employee Penalised $11,000 For Secretly Recording A Meeting

Nicol v Canterbury Concrete Cutting NZ Limited¬†[2018] NZERA Chch 180 Mr Nicol was terminated from his employment for secretly recording […]

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Contractor Or Employee

Who Am I? Most workers in New Zealand are employees and not contractors. However, this is not always the case. […]

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How To Fire An Employee

This is by far the most frequently asked question I receive from employers.¬† If we were in America, I would […]

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What Is A Calderbank Offer?

A Calderbank offer (otherwise known as a "Without Prejudice Save as to Costs") is an offer to settle a dispute, […]

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Mediation Representation

This is one of the few areas of employment law in which the same advice can be given to both […]

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