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Employment Disputes resolved with early intervention


Unfortunately most employment disputes are not addressed quickly enough are a left to fester until drastic action or intervention is required such as a disciplinary meeting or the forced resignation of an employee that then leads to a personal grievance claim against the employer.  This can be very disruptive and expensive for the employer.  Common figures quoted say that even when an employer wins at the employment court in defending a personal grievance it still costs them around $10,000 after being awarded costs by the judge from the employee.  If the employer looses it will cost them in the vicinity of $30,000 to $35,000. This does not take into account any cost for the employers own personal time or the disruption to the work place.


Early intervention is designed to nip such problems in the bud.  By having a mediation at the workplace with the people involved, people can amend their ways, or the employer can amend their systems and procedures in order to improve the working environment for everyone.  Quite often the person in question has no idea that their actions are causing concern to another.  It may be a cultural difference or just the way someone is conducting themselves that may be offensive without them knowing it.  These can be dealt with privately and confidentially in mediation with an action plan agreed to that addresses everyone's issues so that their long term interests are satisfied.


Most employers are very willing to pay the fees associated with such a mediation because this is far cheaper for them in the long run compared to the cost of going through a disciplinary process and possible employment court situation.  Please don't hesitate to contact us on 0800 746 225 or email for an obligation free discussion on your situation.



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