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Although employment law is a very serious business as it directly affects people's ability to put a roof over their head and food on their table for not only them, but their family as well, it does have on occasion a lighter side. These lighter sides can range from an entire ridiculous situation to a one line statement made. Quite often I come out of a situation thinking that the truth is way better than any fiction that can be created. However, with the confidentiality of the arena of employment law it makes it difficult at times to talk about our work stories.


What I have attempted to do here is to take the factual basis of an event that I have personally been involved with and to then change enough elements so that it can not be identified back to the people involved, thus saving the opportunity for more grief. At times I have sliced and diced multiple events in order to give extra protection to the identity of the unique characters involved, which I suppose includes myself.


Any questions or inquires regarding the contents of any story will not be answered. Any additional matters raised will be on a neither confirm or deny basis.


My Top stories countdown is: -


2. Asian Madness & Forgiveness


1. Porno Pete

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